Emma Yasinski

Science and Medical Journalist

Emma is an award-winning science and medical journalist. She holds a master’s degree from Boston University in science and medical journalism as well as bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Lafayette College. She’ll write about anything from basic science to the way healthcare is delivered but is especially passionate about neuroscience. She regularly contributes to Undark.org and MedShadow.org. Her work has also appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times, Discover, Smithsonian Magazine and The Scientist.

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Top Articles:

For Many Disabled Patients, the Doctor Is Often Not In


Some doctors avoid patients with disabilities, advocates say. And even when they don’t, barriers to routine care abound.

One of the Best Tools to Manage the Opioid Crisis Already Exists


Methadone helps maintain sobriety and reduce the risk of overdose. The pandemic showed us it should be easier to access.

Could viruses cause Alzheimer’s? COVID-19 brain studies offer new clues.

National Geographic

The diseases share some surprising similarities, and experts now think studying COVID-19 patients’ brains could lead to better treatments for both conditions.

Can’t Hear Conversations in a Crowd? It Could Be Hidden Hearing Loss.

NY Times Well

Standard audio tests often miss this common condition that only appears with background noise.